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  Homestay accommodation in Cambridge is part of the language student lifestyle, providing not just the accommodation, but also an insight of English family life. Students learn quicker if their "home" is also a "classroom" as well, where integration into Cambridge Host Families  also becomes a teaching environment.

We always like to ask our Host Families in Cambridge England UK the following question.

Cambridge Host Families    
"If it were your son or daughter staying in a Cambridge Host Family, what facilities and family guidance would you like them to have?

It seems to answer most of the questions that potential Homestay Cambridge Host Families have very early on. We want our Host Families not just to have a lodger, or someone staying in their home for a while, but also to try and integrate the Student into the family unit as far as possible, and become a virtual family member. If we use this as the starting point, and the Host family accept this, we are far more likely to have a successful Homestay experience for both Host Families and Students.

We expect the Student to be welcomed into the family unit, sharing the facilities of the home, just as any young person of host family would, but it doesn't stop there. The Students are invariably from other countries and so the need is more, as not only will they be learning the English Language, but part of their education is to learn and understand the English culture. They cant do this in isolation or just in the classroom, we rely on our Host Families to make the effort in schooling them and explaining (sometimes the unexplainable!) the way of English life.

Being a host family is enriching and rewarding. As hosts you  will see a dramatic improvement in your Students spoken English. Your student will benefit by conversing in English in a relaxed home and  host family environment.

Cambridge Homestay Consultancy is always there in the  background to help at any time, either student or host family, so don't feel you are on your own, this will never be the case.
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