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The genuine and authorised Cambridge Homestay Consultancy in England UK. Cambridge Homestay have been successfully providing Student Homestay in Cambridge for many years. There a many Homestay companies in Cambridge, but Cambs. Homestay is the only one recognised and authorised by Cambridge Homestay Consultancy. Cambridge Homestay

homestay cambridge Foreign language students rely on our expertise to provide Homestay in Cambridge, as we offer highly qualified professionals to prepare for student or student group's arrival in Cambridge England. We are inextricably linked with the major language schools in Cambridge, and have established working agreements with them.
Students come from many Countries, and of course different cultures, our objective is to always acknowledge these cultures and cater for them, while students are in our care. All Student cultural needs are observed, while integrating them into English lifestyle for their visit. A host family is made aware prior to student arrival.

Cambridge host families are carefully selected to ensure this happens. We try to ensure that "friends" in Student groups are, where requested, placed in Host Families in the same geographical area, to encourage joint study where practical.
Host Families are in constant contact with the Directors of Cambridge Homestay Consultancy, exchanging information and progress of our Students, and as importantly issues that may be concerning students tt need correcting as soon as possible. Our Students welfare and learning is our primary objective.

Although generic terms Cambridge Homestay Consultancy, Cambridge Homestay England, and Cambs. Homestay are also used as our trading names.

Any questions or further information can be forwarded to the Directors of Cambs. Homestay at director@cambshomestay.com

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